The Fray Fix — iPhone Screen Two (for iPhone 6 and 7)
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iPhone Screen Two (for iPhone 6 and 7)

Image of iPhone Screen Two (for iPhone 6 and 7)


This is the Item you want if you want to protect your iPhone screen without having an ugly bulky case on your iPhone, or without having to cover the entire front of the phone and having the screen blur your selfies with the camera hole. This is tempered Glass that you put JUST OVER THE SCREEN and protects your screen from breaks. YOU GET TWO with each order. So if your first one ever breaks protecting your screen as it should, you have another one to replace it. You can also share with a family member or friend. This is an excellent product for anyone who likes to show off the sleek beauty of their iPhone and at the same time want to protect their screen. IPHONE NOT INCLUDED.